End Dump Trailer

A type of gravel trailer with a hydraulic lifting mechanism at the rear. It tilts backward to quickly discharge its contents, typically used for loose materials like gravel, sand, or dirt.

Flatbed Trailers

A flatbed trailer is a type of open trailer used for transporting a wide variety of goods, equipment, and materials that do not require the protection of an enclosed space. Unlike enclosed trailers, flatbed trailers have a flat and open platform without sides or a roof, allowing for easy loading, unloading, and transportation of oversized…

Live Bottom Trailers

A Live Bottom Trailer, also known as a conveyor belt trailer or walking floor trailer, is a type of specialized heavy-duty trailer used for transporting loose and bulk materials. Unlike traditional dump trailers that use a tipping mechanism to unload their contents, live bottom trailers utilize a unique conveyor belt system to discharge the cargo.…

Payload Capacity

The maximum weight of cargo and equipment a heavy trailer can transport, excluding the trailer’s own weight. It’s a critical consideration for matching trailers to specific hauling requirements.