Hyundai Translead has always taken great pride in its manufacturing facility and dedicated, highly trained line staff and attributes the reliable and high quality products that leave thier manufacturing facility to both.


In 2006, Hyundai Translead invested to build an incredible, all new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility expansion, known as the “H-Line”, to increase production capabilities by 30%. And in 2016, a newer manufacturing facility, “I-Line”, was built, increasing production capabilities by another 50%. These truly remarkable addition to the Hyundai Translead manufacturing facilies has raised the standard in transportation equipment manufacturing throughout the industry


The first line of defense is our Anti-Corrosion Package which is standard on all Hyundai Translead dry van trailers. This package includes the rear frame, rear impact guard, wing plate and “K” bracing, mid-turn signal brackets and mud flap bracket. Additional components that are offered hot-dip galvanized include the full upper coupler, all crossmembers, threshold plate, slider rails, external upper landing leg tubes and suspension slider box.

For those components that cannot be hot-dip galvanized Hyundai Translead is proud to now offer HT TuffCoat; developed with Bradley Coatings Group. This two component 100% solids zero VOC coating is sprayed onto the components, fully protecting them from the rigors of over-the-road use. The coating also acts as a barrier to damage from rocks and other debris which may impact them as well as chemicals currently used to de-ice roadways. The components available for HT TuffCoat application are: the axles, brake chamber and slack adjusters, air tank, external landing leg tubes, suspension beams and suspension slider box.

Hyundai Translead Trailers Benefits


  • Service Life – HDG has approximately 5 times the service life of zinc-rich paint.
  • Coverage – Coats all surfaces, both exterior and interior. Also bonds and seals overlapped areas together.
  • Even Coating Thickness – HDG covers all surfaces with a uniform thickness of zinc. This includes edges and corners which are typically very thin in painted applications.
  • Greater Adhesion – HDG bonds or adheres to the applied surface 6 times greater than zinc-rich paint. The greater bond strength makes HDG difficult to scrape or abrade.
  • Discoloration – HDG is not affected by the sun’s UV rays and thus does not fade in sunlight.


  • Global Warming Potential – HDG has up to 50% less impact than zinc-rich paints
  • Acidification Potential – HDG has up to 50% less impact than zinc-rich paints
  • Photo-Chemical Ozone Creation Potential – Up to 55% less impact than zinc-rich paints
  • Energy – Up to 66% less impact than zinc-rich paints
  • Recyclability – 100% recyclable. Zinc can be recycles indefinitely without loss of physical or chemical properties. Zinc and be readily collected during normal steel scrap recycling Acidification Potential


Hyundai Translead has always taken environmental care seriously with programs to control raw material, water, and waste recycling at our manufacturing facility.

We extended this philosophy to our products by offering a broad range of features for customers looking to “go green” while lowering their fuel costs.

Hyundai Translead is your “green” business partner offering 3 different EPA Certified SmartWay® dry freight trailer models. Hyundai Translead is committed to helping you with:

  • YOUR Fuel Savings
  • YOUR Environmental Sustainability Programs
  • YOUR Unique Needs & Operations

Requirements for EPA SmartWay® Certified Trailer:

An EPA SmartWay® Certified Trailer must provide a 6.5% or greater fuel efficiency using the following components:

  • Must have an Aerodynamic Side Skirt that provides at least 4% fuel savings from manufacturers that meet the SmartWay® Program criteria de?ned by the EPA (Examples of manufacturers include: Freight Wing®, Transtex® & Layden®).
  • Must have a Front Trailer Fairing OR Rear Trailer Fairing that provides at least a 1% fuel savings from manufacturers that meet the SmartWay® Program criteria de?ned by the EPA (Examples of manufacturers include: Freight Wing® & Transtex®).
  • Must have duals or singles low-rolling resistance tires that provide at least a 3% fuel savings from manufacturers that meet the SmartWay® Program criteria defined by the EPA (Examples of manufacturers include: Bridgestone®, Continental®, GoodYear® & Michelin®).

Hyundai Translead has design capabilities to offer substantial weight savings configurations in the base assembly, doors and roof assembly, side assembly and more.*

We offer 3 different EPA SmartWay Certified models, the HT Original®, HT Hy-Cube® and HT-Composite®. Each one offers its own unique advantages to your operations from proven durability to patented technologies and more. Outfitting one of these models with EPA SmartWay® approved components reduces your carbon footprint while saving you money.


HT LinkSense

HT LinkSense makes smart fleets smarter with state-of-the-art solutions, dependable quality and reliable customer care from Hyundai Translead.

Hyundai Translead HT LinkSense