Breadner Trailers operates one of the best and most efficient transport trailer maintenance shops in the GTA, Kitchener and Waterloo areas of Southern Ontario. We are located minutes from Highway 401 and are highly accessible for a quick maintenance visit or repairs for all types of trailers.

Service and Maintenance Advantage

  • PDI Inspection
  • All incoming inventory has to meet our strict guidelines for quality and reliability
  • Seasoned mechanics are recognized as some of the very best in the business
  • We stand behind our products and deliver 100% quality

Advantages of Well Maintained Trailer Fleet

  • No unexpected disruptions due to breakage
  • Fleet lasts much longer
  • Cost savings
  • Goods and merchandise are delivered on time
  • Avoid losses from unwanted disruptions

Services Offered

  • Semi Trailer Repairs
  • Scheduled Trailer Maintenance
  • New Trailer Custom Configuration
  • Rebuild Trailers
  • Tracking Solutions for Trailers

Advantages to Breadner Trailer Sales Customers

At Breadner, we’re not just a retailer of semi-trailers, we’re a one-stop-shop with the ability to provide all our customers with complete trailer fleet management services. We offer unique service maintenance packages designed to suit every client’s needs.

We know that uptime is important, and regular scheduled maintenance and service is essential for the longevity of a trailer. Our efficient service department will make sure you are in top operational condition. A well maintained fleet helps your business avoid any delivery disruptions due to breakage, and mitigates losses due to unexpected, and often costly repairs.

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