Breadner Trailers is North America’s number one dealer for Hyundai Translead. Our partnerships allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality trailers with the best finance options in the industry.  We also specialize in Doepker and Wilson Trailers. 
Hyundai Translead Dry Van Trailers
The Dry Van semi-trailer is a fully enclosed heavy duty truck trailer. It is the most common type of semi trailer. Standard varieties include Sheet & Post Construction and Plate Construction. Typical lengths range from 28′ to 53′.
Reefer trailers, in the form of van trailers, are used in the transportation industry to transport temperature-sensitive goods. In general, these haulers are refrigerated—“reefer” is slang for “refrigerated”—though they may also be heated. Modern reefer trailers commonly measure between 48’ and 55’ in length and can haul multiple products in the same trip.
When you need a heavy-duty flatbed trailers that can withstand harsh conditions and haul heavy loads, look at Doepker or Wilson Trailers. All Doepker and Wilson flatbeds are spec’d tough to be low-maintenance and loader-friendly—which gives you maximum uptime. You can rest easy knowing your cargo is safe and secure on a reliable Doepker or Wilson flatbed trailer.
Offering a large portfolio of products enables you to standardize your trailer brand which in turn increases your efficiency and your bottom line. Our Speciality line includes many different configurations of grain trailers, gravel trailers, scissorneck, float and picker trailers, Oil and Gas and heavy haul trailers.