BRESLAU, Ont. — The trailer dealer previously known as Trailers Canada is reverting back to its roots, to build a stronger future.

Trailers Canada announced a corporate rebranding. It will now be known as Breadner Trailers. Both the sales and leasing divisions fall under the same Breadner Trailers umbrella.

The change was made as the company looks to expand beyond its single Southwestern Ontario location. As Bob Breadner and son Bob Breadner Jr. – the second and third generation Breadners to run the company – travelled Canada this year looking for potential growth opportunities, they discovered outside Ontario most people recognized the Breadner name more than Trailers Canada.

“Trailers Canada has an amazing reputation here in Southwestern Ontario but over the last four months as we’ve been travelling around, people kept mentioning Breadner Trailer,” explained Breadner Jr. Before becoming Trailers Canada, that was the name the company went by.

“We decided if we want to grow in the Canadian market, it might make more sense to leverage off that brand equity and revert back to what we’re known as,” he explained.

The rebranding coincides with the company’s 50th anniversary. Breadner Jr. said the company is looking to grow in response to industry trends including consolidation, which has seen some large customers swallowed up by other entities.

“We’re not going to be content, or able to survive in this small Southwestern Ontario market in our own bubble, so we decided if we want to stay alive and grow, we’re going to need to expand,” Breadner Jr. explained.

He wouldn’t disclose where specifically the company is looking to put new locations, but said it is exploring all options.

The rebranding was well received by employees when announced on Friday. Signage was slated to be changed over the weekend in time for the arrival of new inventory over the coming weeks.

“The real thing we want to emphasize is, we’re not just changing the name, we are rebranding ourselves to leverage Trailer Canada’s good reputation and the R&S Leasing division’s good reputation, all under one umbrella that will help us grow into different markets,” Breadner Jr. said. “We’re not trying to move away from what Trailers Canada is; we’re just trying to grow and expand into other markets where we do have national brand recognition.”

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