Spring driving may be less hazardous than the winter months we just endured, but there are still hazards to watch out for in the warming months ahead.

The first important thing you want to do is make sure your rig is in tip top shape after the winter season.  Some things you’ll want to do is inspect your battery, plugs, and wires, inspect your brakes, test your tires and tire pressure, and check your fluid levels.  For a full list of spring maintenance tips, please see our article here .

Our top five tips for safe Spring driving

  1. Replace your windshield wiper blades. Winter can take its toll on wiper blades, and blades that are worn will not work effectively when you’re in the middle of a spring rainstorm.
  2. Watch for cyclists. When the warm weather hits, you’ll see the cyclists out in full force.  It’s hard to see around your rig, so be extra careful.
  3. Watch for road conditions, and we don’t just mean weather. Winter can damage roads and cause potholes to form and pavement to become uneven.     Be careful, these can damage your shocks and suspension.
  4. Watch for wildlife. Animals get a lot more active this time of year, which dramatically increases the risk of them running into the road and causing an accident.  Make sure you take notice of signs indicating deer, moose or bear crossings, and slow down.
  5. Watch out for weather fluctuations. Spring has a tendency to be warm one day, and below freezing the next.  Storms can whip up quickly, so you want to make sure you check the weather forecast and be aware of potentially dangerous conditions.

Whether you’re looking for an inspection, maintenance, or emergency repair, you can count on Breadner Trailers.  We know that uptime is important, and regular scheduled maintenance and service is essential for the longevity of a trailer. Our efficient service department will make sure you are in top operational condition. A well-maintained fleet helps your business avoid any delivery disruptions due to breakage, and mitigates losses due to unexpected, and often costly repairs.  Give us a call today at 519-648-2273 or fill out our contact form.

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