HT LinkSense

Making Smart Fleets Smarter

HT LinkSense empowers your fleet intelligence strategy, with an open platform that accommodates your sensor and telematics choices. Remove limitations and expand what’s possible.

The Power of Connection

HT LinkSense makes insights more accessible with universal connectivity for easy customization. Driven by the needs of business, HT LinkSense offers access to an expanding and updatable suite of solutions, where efficiency is increased and costs are reduced.

Driving the Power of Insight

  • Updatable suite of solutions
  • Increases insight/efficiency/ROI
  • Driven by the needs of business

Flexible Intelligence

  • Expanded sensor option
  • Works with all telematics partners
  • Custom fit to your needs

Connected. Supported.

  • Expanded sensor options
  • Works with all telematics partners
  • Custom fit to your needs

Open Platform
Open Possibilities

Fleet data expands exponentially. Providers and needs evolve. Complexity grows. The open-platform HT LinkSense system ensures universal connectivity across all sensor and telematics solutions. It is the future of connectivity.

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Universal Connectivity

HT LinkSense connects insight with possibility, expanding sensor and telematics flexibility.


Cargo Volume Sensor
Cargo volume sensors use ultrasonic technology to provide estimated cargo volume, dividing the trailer into five different zones to report overall volume and help improve utilization.

Smart Brake Chamber
A smart brake chamber monitors the air pressure in the parking and service brake line on each brake chamber, analyzing patterns for problems like dragging.

Door Sensor
Door sensors detect the opening and closing of doors, offering real-time and time-logged monitoring for increased cargo security.

Weight Sensor
Weight scale sensors can accurately report weight on both air and spring suspensions, providing operational efficiency and cost containment.

Air Disc Brake Pad Wear Sensor
Continuous wear sensors (CWS) monitor the amount of remaining brake pad in real-time, providing efficient monitoring and scheduling maintenance.

Light Out Detection Sensor
Light out detection sensors ensure fleets’ uptime while reducing risk of fines or citations.

Wheel End Temperature Sensor (WETS)
Wheel end temperature sensors detect temperatures higher than the set limit, sending a warning to the driver and fleet service manager for prompt inspection and repair.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Tire pressure monitoring system measures the tire pressure and temperature on each wheel, preventing sudden failures and maintaining equipment in optimal operating condition.

Optional solar + battery power
for continuous operation.

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