A reefer trailer, also known as a refrigerated trailer, is a type of specialized trailer used for transporting temperature-sensitive goods, such as perishable foods, pharmaceuticals, and other products that require a controlled environment to maintain their freshness and quality. These trailers are equipped with a built-in refrigeration or cooling system that allows the temperature inside the trailer to be adjusted and maintained at specific levels, usually ranging from below freezing to above freezing temperatures.

The cooling or refrigeration system in a reefer trailer is powered by a generator unit attached to the trailer, which can be powered by the truck’s engine or a separate power source. This system helps regulate the temperature and humidity within the trailer, preventing spoilage, bacterial growth, and other adverse effects that temperature fluctuations could cause.

Reefer trailers play a critical role in maintaining the cold supply chain, which involves the safe and efficient transportation of temperature-sensitive goods throughout various stages of production, storage, and distribution.