The Doepker Legacy is the lightest and strongest aluminum Tridem grain trailer on market. Our Doepker designed Uni-Link system offers innovative, cutting edge technology that gives strength never seen before on an aluminum trailer. Our exclusive 1-piece aluminum double wall slope uses a minimal amount of rivets and has no horizontal seams or rivets giving unmatchable cleanout. The smooth double-wall aluminum design gives the best of both worlds: an aerodynamic outer skin complimenting optimal inside cleanout. Our “first to market” open end dual aluminum wall design allows you to easily clean and maintain the suspension and slope area from road contaminants that will ensure the Legacy is the longest lasting trailer on the road. Couple this to massive curb appeal in combination of its ability to carry the largest payload makes the Legacy irresistible. Visit your local dealer to view and discuss all of the great and numerous Doepker advantages and options on this grain trailer.


Length 45′
Capacity Approx 2040 Cu Ft
Tare Weight Approx 12,600 Lbs with Standard Equipment
GVWR 37,500 Kg
Landing Gear Jost Aluminum 2 Speed Sealed Unit
King Pin Set at 18″ with 1/4″ Coupler Plate
Catwalks & Ladders Aluminum on Inside and Outside
Walls Double Aluminum Skins with Aluminum Uprights Between Skins
82″ Overall – 144″ to Top of Tarp Hood based on 22.5 tires
Hoppers 10 Gauge Aluminum; Rack & Pinion Chutes
19″ X 24″ Openings; 22″ Ground Clearance on 22.5 Tires
Double Hopper Bands
Chute Lids Self Cleaning, Opens Past Hopper, Quick Detach
Chute Cranks Dual chute cranks – D/S and C/S
Optional: Dual chute cranks with Michels Wireless Electric Chute Openers installed on D/S or C/S
Slopes & End Walls One-Piece 14 Gauge Plain Aluminum Double Wall Slope Sheet with slopes at 28 degrees at the front and 27 degrees at the back
End Wall Panels – 10 gauge at front with .125 gauge at back
Air System Aluminum Air Tanks
Inline Air Filtration System Built into Glad hands
Air Gauge Box with Window
Optional: Air Chuck in Air Gauge Box
Tow Hooks At Back of Trailer
Tires BF Goodrich
Optional: Michelin
Rims 22.5 or 24.5: Various Steel and Aluminum Options
Serial Plate(s) Canada / U.S
Safety Certified Yes
Blast Preparation Fully Steel Shot Blasted on All Steel Sections
Special Coatings Pure Zinc on Complete Steel
Duraguard Full Duraguard on Upper 5th and Suspension
Primer PPG Epoxy Primer Inside and Out
Top Coat PPG Urethane / Acrycote Systems – All Colours Available
Paint Cure System Entire Trailer put in Heat Ovens for Optimal Paint Adhesion
Wall Panel Colour re-painted White with “Legacy” Decal in Black Letters
Optional: Pre-painted Black with “Legacy” Decal in Silver Letters
Optional: Pre-painted Medium Charcoal Metallic with “Legacy” Decal in Silver Letters
Optional: Pre-painted Light Silver Metallic with “Legacy” Decal in Black Letters
Safety Reflective Tape
Sealing Systems Silicone on Inside Wall Seams / Slope Sheet Seams
System Hendrickson Intraax AANT 23K LDA 15″ Air Ride – HXL5 Hendrickson Long Life Dressed Axle
Optional:  Hendrickson TireMax Pro Inflation System
Optional:  Doepker Auto Lift Management System with Meritor Control Valve
Wheel Seals Federal Mogul
Brakes 16 1/2″ X 7″ Extended Life
Optional: Bendix Air Disc Brakes
AntiLock Braking Meritor Wabco 2S2M
Optional: 4S2M
Axle Spread 60″ Tridem, 77 1/2″ Track Width
Auto Slack Adjusters Gunite
Spring Brake Pots 30/30 TSE Omnibrake
Optional: TSE Ultra-Life
Wheel End Cast Hub & Drum
Optional: Duralight Hub with Centrifuse Drum
Optional: Hubodometer – Metric or Imperial
Tarp Michels Side Rolling: Select or Maximizer
Tarp Openers Long Crank at Center
Optional:  Electric Opener System
Other Options Quick Release Tarp Stops; 100% Heat Sealed Instead of Sewn
Wiring Harness Severe Duty Sealed Harness System
Custom Designed by Trucklite for our Light Packages
Lighting Trucklite LED as per CMVSS with Side Signals
Optional: Various Custom Packages and Designs Available
Mudflaps Full Width at Landing Gear, Ahead of Brake Pots on 1st Axle, Mudflap on Back Hopper
Optional: In Front of Brake Pots on All Axles and 3 Ahead of Back Hopper
Fenders Stoneguards at Front of Trailer
1/2 Round Fenders at Back of Trailer: Aluminum
Optional: Stainless Steel
Optional: Poly
Impact Guard Doepker Logo in ICC Panel
Optional: Custom Name in ICC Panel (Maximum 7 Letters)
Toolbox Size & Style Optional: Aluminum at front of open end
Placard Holders Optional: On Each Sidewall
Dollie Pad Carriers Optional: Aluminum



The innovative Doepker Uni-Link design provides unbeatable strength.


One-piece aluminum double wall slopes provide excellent cleanout inside and are easy to maintain outside.


The sloped top rail enhances cleanout – 1 less place for product to hang up in the trailer


Standard aluminum air tanks not only hold up better and are more appealing over time, they also help eliminate corrosion. This corrosion that is found inside steel air tanks also passes through expensive valving on the trailer. Aluminum air tanks will increase air valve life.


Our custom sealed wiring harness specifically made for our Canadian environments ensures optimum life of the wiring on your trailer.