The ThermoTech SP® is designed specifically for the Grocery, Dairy and Food Distribution markets to meet their individual needs. Using the time proven standards that have made Hyundai a leader in refrigerated transport, the ThermoTech SP can be constructed with multiple side doors, lift gates and multi-temp configurations.


    • Aluminum roof bows and side posts
    • Versitex VR2 0.065″ liner on sides, front, doors, and ceiling
    • Bulitex sub floor, 0.025″ thickness
    • Aluminum duct floor, 1-1/4″ thick, 16,000 lb rating
    • Water and debris resistant tail light housing
    • Composite floor sills & rear bearing sheet eliminates any wood
    • Stainless Steel rear frame


Length Exterior: 53′ 0″
Interior: 52′ 2″
Width Exterior: 102.36″
Interior: 97.4″ lining to lining
Height Exterior: 13′ 6″
Interior: 107.6″
Capacity 65,000 GVWR
3744 cu. ft. of interior volume
Tare Weight 12,550 lbs
Side Sheets Flat 0.040″, pre-painted white aluminum side sheet.
Side Posts Extruded aluminum “Z” side posts on 12″ centers nose through support gear and 24″ centers support gear to rear of trailer.
Roof One-piece 0.032″ thick aluminum, tension leveled prior to installation. Special corrugated roof sheet design allows roof to expand and contract without foam delamination or structural weakening of roof.
Roof Bows Galvanized steel anti-snag bows on 24″ centers. Pre-bonded to roof sheet. Roof bows installed using four solid rivets, two per end.
Front Wall Stainless steel front impact plate and pre-painted 0.040″ white aluminum sheets with 6.00″ radius. Large opening refrigeration unit bracing.
Rear Frame Stainless steel rear frame including corner posts, hinge butts, door header, and rear sill. Stop/tail/turn signals are fully recessed in the rear sill. Hot dipped galvanized hi-tensile steel bolt-on under-ride protection.
Rear Doors Extruded aluminum frame type swing doors with dual durometer seals and 0.040″ pre-painted white aluminum outer sheets. One easy-operating anti-rack lock rod per rear door. Lockrod handles are fitted with rubber grips for operator comfort and safety. Four heavy-duty extruded aluminum hinges per door are provided.
Lining Sides: 0.065″ Versitex VR2.
Front: 0.065″ Versitex VR2
Rear Doors: 0.065″ Versitex VR2
Ceiling: 0.065″ Versitex VR2
Insulation Injection foamed urethane insulation. Sides 1.5″ thick. Rear door 3″ thick. Front wall 4″ thick and roof 1.5″ thick and floor 1.5″ thick.
Refrigeration Heavy duty mounting frame and bracing provided for large opening nose mounted unit.
Crossmembers Five inch deep extruded aluminum I-beams on 12″ centers from the end of the upper running gear rails to the support gear. Three inch deep hi-tensile aluminum I-beam cross members on 12″ centers between the upper coupler and support gear. Four inch steel, 80,000# yield I-beams on 12″ centers over the support gear and the upper running gear rails. Two additional I-beams are added in the last 4′ of the trailer for additional impact resistance to severe loading conditions.
Upper Coupler Four inch deep with stainless steel front approach apron. A 1/4′ thick approach plate and 1/4′ thick top and bottom main beam plates. King pin is A.A.R. rated.
Floor Extruded aluminum 1-1/4″ high duct type. Rear gutter is flush with top of floor. Last 4′ of floor is reinforced for fork lift use with extruded aluminum inserts and a 43″ deep × 96″ wide composite bearing sheet. Two inch deep Apitong hardwood floor sills.
Landing Gear Two speed, 50,000 lb. capacity, A.A.R. rated with 10″ × 10″ sand shoes. Roadside crank handle. Hot dipped galvanized mounting bracket and bracing.
Scuffband Ten inch high extruded aluminum, recessed, foamed in place.
Underride Guard Per CMVSS 223 Regulations High Tensel Steel. Bolt-on type with special 4″ square tube, hot-dip galvanized with recess for conspicuity tape with end cap to prevent slippage
Suspension Hedrickson Vantraxx HKANT40K Air Ride
Wheels Steel hub piloted disc wheels 22.5″ × 8.25″ with outboard mounted brake drums.
Tires Low profile 22.5 (G) radial tires.
Axles Five inch round, 22,500 lb. rating, 77.5″ track.
Brakes Non-asbestos lining 16.5″×7″ quick change type, “S” cam operated automatic slack adjuster.
Wheel Ends Stemco Platinum Performance.
Lights & Wiring Truck-Lite Model #33 side clearance lights, #33 LED rear header, #40 series stop/tail/turn lights and #60 series mid-turn signals. Sealed and internally grounded wiring harness with color-coded wiring, roadside mounted 7-way electrical connector, split pins and no circuit breaker.
Paint All carbon steel parts abrasive blasted and coated with zinc rich epoxy primer. Exposed steel parts coated with a rust preventative topcoat.
A second coat of enamel primer is applied and a gray enamel topcoat is applied to chassis and support gear. Pre-painted white steel disc wheels.
Undercoating Crossmembers pre-coated with black color coatings prior to installation. Landing gear and running gear areas painted with gray non-hardening rust preventative.
Decals D.O.T. approved Hyundai Translead logo conspicuity tape and FHWA inspection sticker.
Miscellaneous Truck-Lite P/N 97960 registration cardholder on frontwall. White mud flaps with Hyundai logo mounted on rear of slider subframe.
Warranty Limited five year warranty.



Hyundai Translead offers the Ultimate Corrosion Package, offering additional protection to those steel components that are not part of the standard hot dipped galvanized package.


HT TuffCoat® is our spray-on corrosion pre-ventative coating for components which cannot be hot dipped galvanized.


Hyundai Translead offers aerodynamic components from various manufacturers to meet US EPA SmartWay and California Air Resource Board requirements.


To assist in achieving greater fuel savings, PSI systems can be installed at the factory.


For added protection of the front wall, pallet stops are available for installation at the factory.


Roll Up Doors available from various manufacturers.


Corrugated sidewall panels are available in both pre-painted white or stainless steel.


For increased interior visibility dome lamps are available from various manufacturers.


Wide based tires from various manufacturers are available to meet both EPA SmartWay and California Air Resources Board requirements.