The Premier AF-1080 all aluminum flatbed has a base weight of approximately 8,000 lb. on a typical 48 ft. unit and a 23″ main beam depth. The trailer features one-piece aluminum flanges and sections without any splices and its load capacity rating is among the highest in the industry. The Premier all aluminum drop deck is what an all aluminum drop deck should be – A full capacity product able to carry an evenly loaded capacity of 80,000 pounds and a concentrated load of 52,000 pounds in 4 feet of space.


Here are some of the recent refinements we have done to make the Roadbrutes even better than before:

  • New patented side rail and securement design
  • New aluminum floor
  • New aluminum crossbar design
  • Weight savings near 300 lb.
  • Drop deck is a “true” all aluminum trailer
  • Flatbed has a 1-piece main beam front to rear
  • Capacities up to 80,000 lb.
Wilson Trailers Premier


Main Beams

The main beams of the Roadbrute are fabricated from high quality steel with a precision plasma-cut camber or “arch”. The mirror image construction removes the possibility of high or low beams on a Wilson trailer. Our ONE-PIECE beam design, from the rear to front, is created using 130,000-PSI flange material and high strength web material. The beams are automatically welded top and bottom, both inside and out, producing a beam design with superior strength you can rely on.

Three full depth internal aluminum cross structures are used for beam stabilization.

Wilson maintains a five-year structural warranty on the no-splice main beams. Use of top quality materials and production methods helps to create our long-lasting beam.

  • One-piece main beam
  • Full depth aluminum cross structures

Side Rails

Wilson Trailer’s new patented side rail and securement design is fully supported, top and bottom, with a new TJ style crossbar design that increases the strength of the rail and crossbar connections.

An integrated double “L” winch track allows winches to slide easier and enhances curb appeal of the trailer.

A “Quick Tie” plate receiving rail, located in the outside rail and below floor level, allows wider loads to be secured at multiple locations along the rail and is not susceptible to mud, ice and gunk build-up. The large cutouts in the outside rail easily fit 4″ wide winch straps.

  • Wilson also offers two traditional style side rails (C and C+) integrated with the double “L” sliding winch track. (See Side Rail in the Popular Options below)
  • TJ Side Rail (Cut away view)
  • Integrated winch track
  • Quick tie plate (Cut away view)

King Pin Area

Wilson uses a Corsol™ coating/primer throughout the king pin assembly. Components treated with Corsol™ become highly chip resistant and galvanically non-conductive so dissimilar metals can be fastened together. This coating permeates the steel to help resist corrosion from the inside out rather than the outside in. The king pin component is then undercoated and painted to give you the very best corrosion resistance in a vital structural area.

Wilson Trailers also offer a completely galvanized king pin component as an option.

Aluminum Crossbars

The aluminum crossbar is an essential component in making the Roadbrute a “true” combo trailer. The corrosion resistant quality of aluminum, versus the fast rust out tendency of hi-tensile steel, allow the extrusion to not rust or deteriorate and also adds to the resale value.

Aluminum crossbars run the full width of the trailer and are fastened to the main beam using aluminum clips that are added after the beam has been entirely painted. There is a triple layer of protection separating the aluminum clip from the main beam – primer, paint and a 3-M plastic barrier. As an added feature Wilson attaches the clips by using stainless steel fasteners eliminating rusting and the associated issues.


The floor of the Roadbrute is made of 1-3/8″ thick aluminum flooring material with apitong nailer strips, both running the full length of the trailer without any splices. This makes the trailer very stable and successfully reduces side sway.

The floors are fastened to every aluminum crossbar using two 5/16″ grade 8 screws. The use of double screws and full-length flooring material gives the Roadbrute great floor capacity and floor life.


Rock chips and the corrosive chemicals used on today’s roadways can have an unsightly and devastating effect on steel components which can shorten a trailer’s life and reduce its value. That is why Wilson Trailer has taken industry leading steps to fight corrosion. Wilson shot blasts all steel components, followed by a chemical rinse, then paints on an anti-corrosive metal treatment called Corsol®. The result is an attractive flat black color that can be left as the standard final finish or it can be top coated with the color of your choice.

Corsol is a copolymer that molecularly bonds to the metal surface to prevent corrosion from blistering, peeling and undercutting the surface. To prevent any galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals, Wilson also places a coplymer material between the aluminum and steel trailer components.

Aluminum Components

The wise uses of lightweight aluminum components whenever possible lends itself to a trailer that will not only last a long time; it will have low maintenance costs, too.

Aluminum’s natural ability to resist corrosion means rusting issues will not compromise the component’s strength; it will remain strong and durable. Aluminum is much lighter than steel without sacrificing load capacity, so you can haul more payload with confidence.

It only makes sense to purchase a trailer with as many aluminum components as the Roadbrute. Years down the road you will be money ahead.


The trailers are standard with a Grote wiring harness featuring the internally grounded Ultra-Blue sealed trailer-wiring system. This system uses stainless steel fasteners and carries a 10-year warranty.

All clearance, Stop and Turn lights are standard with LED lights

Front End

Wilson’s redesigned front end has a cleaner, lower profile with gladhand and electrical hookups mounted on a removable access plate.

Rear Ends

Roadbrute flatbeds and drop decks are standard with an extruded aluminum rear end with aluminum R.I.G. (Steel R.I.G. is optional)

Wilson Trailers Roadbrute Rear



Wilson provides a variety of optional suspensions designed to make the most of gross weight limitations depending on your locale.

Spread Axle

Wilson Trailers Tandem Axle

Closed Tandem Axle

Spread axle set ahead

Slide Axle


Quad axle with lift/steer rear axle

Side Rail

In addition to the standard TJ side rail, Wilson offers a more traditional style (C-style) side rail incorporating the same integrated double “L” sliding winch track. The new C+ style rail includes the “Quick Tie” plate receiving rail into the top of the side rail, which allows securement at any point along the rail.

C Style Rail

C+ Style Rail

C Style double pipe spools

TJ Side Rail with No Stake Pockets

Lowered Stake Pocket


Wilson’s floors are a rugged 1-3/8″ thick and are standard with two apitong nailer strips. Several other configurations are available. Talk to your Wilson Authorized Sales Representative to spec the correct floor for your needs.

Aluminum floor with 2 outside nailers

Aluminum floor with 4 nailers

Aluminum floor with 6 nailers

All aluminum floor

Full apitong floor

Extra crossbar spacing

Container locks

Lowered deck on drop deck


3 bar winch

Sliding Winch

Tie plate securement system

In-rail chain tie downs

C-style rope hooks

J-style rope hooks

Winch hooks

ANCRA glide looks

ANCRA Hi Pro winch


Easy access steps in the mid-section, optional filled in rear bumper and optional permanent 3-bar winches mounted on the rear

B Train Mid Section

Wilson Trailers Sony DSC

B Train Rear


Beavertail rear end

Beaver Tail Ramp Up

Beaver Tail Ramp Down


Aluminum Wrap Bulk Head 12″ Wrap

Flat Aluminium Bulk Head


LED Micro Nova Oval

LED Micro Nova Dot

Wide Load

Wide Load Light Storage

Tool Boxes

Drop deck box

Flatbed box


Hub Meter

Wilson Roadbrute Sony

Implement Notch

Wilson Trailer Load Racks

Load Racks

Wilson Trailers

Moffet Kit

Registration Tubes

Spare Tire Carrier

Dunnage Racks