Lighter, durable, and with greater thermal efficiency, the Hyundai ThermoTech can be tailored to meet your specific needs with a variety of customizable options.

Hyundai Translead Thermotech Trailer
Hyundai Translead Thermotech Trailer on road
Interior of a Hyundai Translead Thermotech Trailer

Manufacturing excellence only Hyundai Translead can deliver.

Hyundai Translead takes pride in quality, innovation, and manufacturing excellence that you can see on first impression. The Hyundai Treanslead ThermoTech trailer is engineered to be the most efficient refrigerated van on the market. Thermal efficiency, lighter weight, and greater durability all showcase our commitment to excellence.

Manufacturing & Materials
State-of-the-art manufacturing and ongoing investment in engineering and materials delivers stronger and lighter trailers that improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Hyundai Translead Thermotech Trailer on road

Increased Freight Capacity
Thinner walls and lower trailer weight allow increased payload, increasing revenue and reducing fuel costs and emissions.


ThermoTech trailers are designed to be lighter and more durable. ThermoTech benefits from hot-dipped galvanization, protected air and electrical lines, and unparalleled structural integrity.


Hyundai Translead builds trailers for longer service life, reducing total cost of ownership with longevity-focused features and a protective warranty.


Hot-Dipped Galvanization
Hyundai Translead offers an Anti-Corrosion Package, with hot-dipped galvanization as a standard feature.

  • In-house galvanization ensures quality control
  • Protects from winter road chemicals, magnesium and calcium chloride
  • Less maintenance and extended

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