Gincor Werx Live Bottom Trailers

When we think of Gincor Werx Live Bottom Trailers, we think of strength and reliability.  Gincor Werx has been trusted for over 40 years to solve customer problems and deliver a premium product. Their live bottom trailers are one of the best solutions on the market and they are consistently being designed to be even better.

Like any quality piece of machinery, engineering is a key component to the overall integrity form and function of the end product. Gincor Werx Trailer engineers are well educated in regard to the rigorous design principles associated with heavy haul trailer design. Be it a small tag trailer or an 8 axle live bottom behemoth, their engineering group builds from their legacy of knowledge to implement the latest technologies and bring together a solid knowledge base in each design assignment. Gincor Werx engineers are well informed and can adhere to regional geographic legislations necessary when considering all the elements of any design spec.

We are proud to carry Gincor Werx Live Bottom trailers.  Our sales team are experts in their field.  Give them a call today to discuss your needs.  Either call 519-648-2273 or send us an email.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Live Bottom Trailers Available at Breadner Trailers:



Gincor Werx live bottom trailer Grey