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Industrial Rear

Stoughton Trailers, LLC includes specifications that help you keep your fleet where it belongs, on the road! Reducing maintenance costs, down-time and lowering your operating cost per mile are goals of the Stoughton Engineering and Manufacturing experts. The “Industrial Rear” design exemplifies this goal. We believe this is the most robust, rack-resistant rear frame in the industry.

The “Industrial Rear” comes with a massive light box structure framed with steel eyebrows.

Semi-Trailers Toronto & GTA


The “Super-Sill” is offered exclusively by Stoughton Trailers, LLC. The increased flange thickness provides better weld penetration and a stronger joint at both the Landing Gear and Bogie attachments.

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Wide Slide

Semi-Trailers Toronto & GTA

Industrial Rear (cont.)

Included with this product feature is a rugged 8 gauge side rail impact plate that runs to the top of the crossmember. The added reinforcement in this high impact area reduces dock damage to the lower rail.

The final part of the Stoughton “Industrial Rear” is a 3-piece Under Ride Guard. All three sections are bolted on to allow for easier replacement.

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High Impact Front

Stoughton trailers come standard with a “High Impact” front. The strength of the front section comes from using six 2½” x 5” 16 gauge steel hat section posts.   All six nose posts have both hat flanges fastened to the front aluminum nose sheet.

More rivets create a tighter and more uniform connection. The front is protected from forklift impact and load damage by a 5¾” high crash-board made from 12 gauge galvanized steel.

Semi-Trailers Toronto & GTA

High Impact Front (cont.)

Included in the “High Impact” front are .050” aluminum beveled front corners. Top front damage is reduced and easier to repair on a Stoughton trailer due to the durable 3-piece top front section.

The corner caps overlap the aluminum nose sheets and the top rail for easier change-out. The front of every Stoughton trailer is designed to stay straight for the life of the trailer.

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Solid Oak Floor

Stoughton Trailers uses solid oak flooring. There are no shell games played when it comes to what goes into Stoughton’s floors. All floors are solid oak, compared to others that use a mix of maple and oak. The floorboards are fastened in a staggered pattern with three screws per board. A bead of sealant is uniformly applied on all floor joints for additional protection against moisture intrusion.

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As well as Stoughton Trailers, Breadner also carries Trailers from Wilson Trailer & BWS

For our full line-up of products please contact us and let us know what you need to get the job done!

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Why Breadner?

When people ask why you choose Breadner, you can say with confidence that we provide some of the best services, products and exceptional customer service in the industry for more than 50yrs.

and… we don’t skimp on the important stuff!

  • STAC – When it comes to financing, the Stoughton Trailers Acceptance Company is the leader in lease financing for semi-trailers and is dedicated to providing tailored solutions for all your trailer financing needs!

  • We use the highest grade suspensions, such as Hendricks

  • Our landing gear for each of our trailers is from manufactures such as Joist International

  • Our slider pins are easily adjustable to meet state requirements

  • We use only name brand tires such as Good Year

  • Everything that leaves our premises is inspected from top-to-bottom by our experienced mechanics and maintenance crew. And we don’t mind saying that we have some of the very best in the industry!