Founded originally in 1965 as R&S Leasing
by Vernon Breadner and Glenn Bauman

1970 - Breadner Trailer Sales was founded

After 5 years in 1970, an organizational change was conceived that would enabled Glen Bauman to continue running the day to day operations of the business, while co-founder Vernon Breadner, who also happened to be a Trail Mobile Sales Rep at the time, went on to start another organization called “Breadner Trailer Sales”.

Trailer Leasing OntarioBreadner Trailers Sales was a Wilson, and Trail Mobile dealership focusing on the sale of livestock and grain trailers. Both R&S Leasing and Breadner Trailer Sales maintained a relationship and both operated out of Kitchener, Ontario.

1981 - Passing of Vernon Breadner

In 1981, Vernon Breadner passed away, and Robert V Breadner Assumed Presidency of Breadner Trailer Sales.

1984 - Glen Bauman Retires

Trailer Leasing & Rental Trailers CanadaIn 1984 Glen Bauman retired and sold his interest in R&S Leasing to the Breadner Family. R&S at this time had grown to a fleet of nearly 200 Dry Van Trailers.
From 1981 - 2001 Breadner Trailer Sales Expanded

2001 - Breadner was sold to Wabash National

In 2001 The Breadner Trailer Sales network was sold to Wabash National and subsequently, Conny Weyers, who held former title as Breadner Trailer Sales National Used Trailer Manager assumed presidency of R&S Leasing and became a managing partner in the rental company.

2003 - Conny Weyers Management Acquires Company

Trailer Leasing & Rental Trailers Canada In 2003 under Conny Weyers management R&S leasing acquired the Stoughton trailer dealership and Wilson line for South Western Ontario, to help better serve their customers by offering Sales, Leasing, Parts, and other Services.

Thus the Trailers Canada Brand Name was born!

2005 - Trailers Canada site in Breslau Ontario was built

ITrailer Leasing & Rental Trailers Canada Kitchenern 2005, with commitment to increasing product offerings, Trailers Canada was further expanded by the building of Trailers Canada’s current facility on a 11 acre site in Breslau, Ontario (near Kitchener and Waterloo area in close proximity of The Greater Toronto Area), offering 5 full service bays; Parts Sales, Trailer Sales, and a Mobile Services fleet.
2014 - In it's 50th Year Robert V Breadner is Joined by his Son