Operating Lease

Purchase Options

Conditional Sales Contract

Long Term Leasing

  • Operating Lease

    The most classic trailer leasing option available is an operating lease. This lease will likely afford you the lowest lease payment. Operating leases can also be structured with additional flexibility such as early termination clauses and trailer swap options. You also in the future have your choice of maintenance plans with an operating lease, full service or net/net type programs can be structured to fit your needs.

  • Purchase Options

    A lease with a purchase option gives you the flexibility to purchase the trailer at a pre-arranged price at the end of the lease period. You now have the choice to buy the trailer, or turn it back in and walk away. You can also have an early termination option on this type of lease giving you even more flexibility.

  • Conditonal Sales

    With a conditional sales contract you lease the trailer with the intent of ownership at the end of the lease period. The purchase price at the end of the contract can be a bargain basement option such as $1.00. This option is available for certain used trailers only.

  • Long Term Lease

    Stoughton Trailers Acceptance Company, LLC3 (STAC) has offered longer term operating leases with purchase options for over 30 years. We can connect you with STAC.

Advantages of Leasing with Breadner Trailer Sales

Fleet can be acquired without heavy capital expenditure | Flexible rates and terms tailored to your company