BWS Trailers are committed to meeting the needs and expectations of its customers.  Their innovative trailer solutions and dedication to high quality products is part of the reason why we are proud to be a BWS Trailer dealer for Toronto, Kitchener & Waterloo areas, and all of Ontario.


BWS Equipment Trailers

The BWS Equipment Trailers have been designed to suit the needs of different vocations, making it an extremely versatile trailer.  Some key benefits include unique air ramps, efficient loading and unloading, lower operating costs, exceptional durability, superior bake-on finish, and more.


BWS Highway Flat

The BWS Highway Flat boasts exceptional durability and with a structure made from 100 KSI steel, it is lightweight, with a maximum strength/weight ratio.


BWS Paver Trailer

The BWS Paver trailer offers unique air ramps, no heavy ramps to lift, quality built for rugged environments, lower operating costs and more.

Semi-Trailers Ontario & GTA

Please browse our online inventory for all our available new & used trailers, or contact our sales department today at 519-648-2273.

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